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Safe and
connected for free

  • Calls without VPN

    Keep your family and friends close to you always.

  • As safe as anyone else

    Your pictures, video messages or even your communication history won’t be stored on any servers, only on your phone, once you delete them they will be eliminated forever. All your messages are encrypted to protect your privacy.

  • Stay Connected

    Even with poor internet connection. Talkify uses less bandwidth, and can keep your calls clean and smooth where others fail.

Video calls
on your terms

Low data consumption

We are thrifty, make high quality calls using insignificant amounts of data out of your plan.

Usable in every country

Are traditional calling apps unserviceable in your country? We work everywhere. Try us. No VPN required.

Free - IOS or Android

We serve both operating systems free of charge and we plan to keep it this way.

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